August 26, 2015

Mumbai SHG Meeting 08/23 Summary

Host- Prachi Dubey.
Co host- Ravi kant Sharma.
Activity 1-
Introduction session.

Activity2-we shared last week e xperience.

Activity 3-
It was robin round game.

Activity 4-
Meditation role in stammering.

Activity 5-
Survey taken by our guest for the day miss Kajal and mr.Akhil.

Activity 6-
Everyone said one proverb or quote which motivates them.

Activity 7-
Everyone shared their best quality and hobbies.

Activity 8-
Everyone set a goal for this week.

1 comment:

Dhruv Gupta said...

Great to see this here!! Let's show everyone our faces next time they remember we are also real people, just like them :)