July 5, 2015

Mumbai SHG Meeting - 05 July - Summary

Today's Meeting Summary ...

We had 14 people today - 9 pws, 1 cws and 5 guests (parents).
New members (freshers :P) - Aditya,  Rahul and Satyanarayan sir.

The meeting started with introductions and uncle sam game,  except that this time uncle sam had decided to go to malaysia!

We also had our junior superstar Aditya (sr kg kid!) along with his family and he very confidently introduced himself.

Post introduction, we had open discussion wherein the regular members themselves spoke about TISA and self help concept,  as well as how this helped them.

Post open discussion we had a short session on Stammering Iceberg concept by Bharat and Nikhil. Satyanarayan sir also shared his valuable experience about stammering. Got to learn a lot!

This was followed by Group panel interview, wherein a person would be interviewed by rest of the folks. Truly an amazing experience, being questioned by people all around. Like a stress interview!

And I would like to mention here that when it was junior Aditya's turn,  he sang out marathi poems and answered all our questions about school friends teachers to the point that we felt short of questions to ask him!

The meet concluded with prepared speech role booking for next meeting.

Thanks for reading :)


sachin said...

Wow! Good gathering!

Sharath A said...

wonderful ..

"uncle sam game, except that this time uncle sam had decided to go to malaysia!" - what is this about gaurav ??

Its nice to hear about the kid , you could have explained about this more ... :)