July 11, 2015


Sunday, since a couple of weeks have been causing low levels of uneasiness in me as I say to myself “another week gone by”. As I geared myself and stepped outside to an other day of facing the giants, I was reminded that this is your people and you have nothing to worry about!

Attendees: Anshuman & Anshuman, Dinesh, Mohan, Pramod, Sharath, Lohit, Aditya, Sidharth, Rueben.

*Introduction Round*: Introduction has its own importance. Since we PWS usually are too concentrated and conscious about ourselves, we dont remember 'how much' about the people around us. Now this round was all about introducing the other person to all! On a kinder note we did remember a good lot of things about the other (Good listening skills : Courtesy- Attending SHGs....)

B'lore SHG formally welcomes Aditya from Delhi and Mohan from B'luru. This was their first time in B'lore SHG

(Anshuman Gautham, if that's your correct name? Well sharath told me the last time was not your first time!)

The improptus! Be real, be true, be you...

What I have always liked about Impromptu speeches is that if adhered to the time, it just brings about to people who you are at that point of time. Even a mundane topic can seem joyful or a spicy topic can seem sad as a pill, depending upon the mood of the speaker.
For those of you who stopped midway.... don't give up you have seconds to go :P
Arre bhai this two minutes no one can take away from you from being yourself... even God!

Moments after the impromptu round,there was the term Valsalva that echoed from the past week's discussion and Dinesh did paraphrase it quite well but as always not without a 'philosophical' summation. Valsalva- Moderately forceful with a purpose.

Prepared speeches: “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”goes Shakespeare's words. An agreeable description about the importance of Time management was presented by Rueben! Sometimes you just need to change those small habits here and there and that saves a lot of hours on your plate. 

Sharath spoke about his car breaking down in the middle of ‘somewhere’ and why it is important to remember what you have learnt and keep trying it out. All it takes sometime is for someone to just come and tell you that what you did had to be done one more time before you give up and more importantly to do it right!

The mechanic did prove more than one to Sharath! Wondering how much better Sharath would have explained if this experience would have been personal and all that real. ssshhhhh…

Anshuman, it seems has a good knowledge about plants that make you a ‘leaf lover’ instantly. For the very first time in B’lore SHG we did get a clear picture about the ‘Holy Bhang’ and its ‘relatives’. We did also discuss about the medical marijuana, ethical pot smoking, ill effects of overdose and abuse and the Holi festival :P
Om Namah Shivay.. The mantra says it all!

Well Pramod did talk something about Ghosting…. ghostinggg! Err let it just fade away. Kisi aur din!! ** vaporized **

Once done with this round, some discussions continued (momentum effect) and gave way to mellow talks. And things seemed slightly going out of schedule. Like always SHGs have these breweries talks that often spills throughout!
But topics going astray are just 'ok' yar, although it does take a lot of time. But that's fine!
“SHG is the platform to express” J (Patience- source: Attending SHGs..)

Confessions: Society: “Mahn I don't understand your big talks, your big attitude and complicated grin, bring it home!”
 Me: “Well sir my life's f**ed up. And I just took to clean it by telling this”.
Society: "Hmm that’s better…next person"!
The act of Confessions, since ages has always been powerful in setting the self free and seeking the truth. All members participated and brought out whatever they felt was wise at that time which just gave way to a silent content inside.
(Thank God we are not judging whose confession was great and clap hands)! 

 As I walked back to my bike on the shady roads of Cubbon Park with Sharath, just realized that breweries spill in my head too! Just go astray…… 


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Sharath A said...

Wonderfully explained pramod... !! :)

sachin said...

A Confession a day- keeps therapist away!
Great write up friends!

Mansi said...

Nice report Pramod...though didn't get a lot of stuff :)...n Sachin sir I totally agree, confessions seem a great activity in every shg meet.....

sachin said...

Mansi, Confessions in writing (not just SHG) can also be of great help; check this piece by "yours truly":

sachin said...

Mansi- found another:
Hope you guys like it!

vishal gupta said...

we did it in our self help group Meeting 2 months back...great Stuff.... SHG automatically on right track. Nice writeup