July 27, 2015

Daily Skype (9:30 PM to 11 PM)

Hello everyone… 

Yesterday we have an awesome Skype Group call. There were 12-14 members on yesterday’s Skype session and Miss Thushi also has joined us, who is Speech Therapist from Sri Lanka. She gave answers all the members who have asked her their doubts and questions. She has promised us to come on Skype group call in upcoming week (date yet to be finalized) with full preparation. So guys if you have any doubt and question regarding stammering come and join Skype. 

P.s - Skype Time 9:30 Pm to 11 Pm daily 

Thanks & Regards. 
Vikas chauhan (skype id – vikas.chauhan75)  
Karthik (skype id – aishkarthik)  
Akash  (skype id – akash_super1)

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