July 13, 2015

Bangalore SHG Meet - 12th July 2015

it was a cool ,breezy Sunday morning as always in Bangalore and i made my mind not to miss meeting my very own people where i meet the more confident side of me. thus i woke up early on a Sunday morning ( trust me its not easy) and geared up for SHG. Slowly we started gathering at the cubbon park. Dinesh Sir came a bit early to enjoy the bliss of nature.

Attendees: Anshuman Jain, Dinesh, Mohan, Pramod, Sharath,  Aditya, Sidharth,  Naman , Avinash, Harikrishna and me (Anshuman )

After reaching there , we talked about the agenda which was already decided by our coordinator Sharath.

1 Introduction Round
Introduction round was the very first round of the day's agenda. so each one on us gave our introductions with an ease.unlike other week where we introduced our fellow mates, this time we only asked to introduce ourselves.this went smooth.

2 Impromptu speeches
Now was the time to challenge us with the Impromptu speeches where the topic of speech will be given then and there and each one of us was given a time limit of 3 minutes to wind up our speeches.
everybody talked their minds there in the limited time period and Impromptu speeches, again turn out to be and great practice.

after this round  coordinator Sharath gave some advises and asked us that whether we are following any techniques for the whole week or not.then a small discussion between all participants about 'Real Stress and perceived stress' and Shartah and Dinesh sir answered the new members doubt about it in a very convincing manner.

3 Prepared Speeches
As discussed in early meets, it was decided that the prepared speeches will be a part of the agenda and anybody can come up with their speeches. This time there was not enough speeches prepared by the folks but Siddartha had a semi prepared speech.

His speech was about How Barack Obama 's Noble peace prize was not deserved and how much Franklin Roosevelt deserved it more than him. he further talked about the vision of Roosevelt and its politics tactics.

Later Pramod had a heart rendering experience to share which he experienced in an NGO 'CRY' It was about a poor lady and her infant who were not keeping well and ignoring the help due to financial  problem and other issues.Kudos to Pramod and CRY to work in the direction of helping less privileged.It indeed motivated all of us to work in direction by either joining a NGO or independently.

4 Debate
It was a new thing in agenda which was practiced  by us this week.As we all know how often we have to face GDs , team meetings etc. on professional front , thus it was a very wise and helpful decision to practice doing it.
Two teams were divided and Pramod was managing the debate.The topic of debate was 'Moral Policing' and teams has to speak on the positive and negatives of it.Debate went well , each one of us participated well and put across their thoughts.

Regarding stammering we all felt that while debating, we all were getting excited to pour out our views which tends to stammer more.Thus we made sure that we will practice debates or GDs often so that we can work upon controlling excitement and not get carried away too easy.

last round was the Confession round , where we can share our small small confession without the fear of being judged.

later we discussed upon making the SHG more organized so that we can utilize this time well.

and then we bid adieu each other and went home with a deep satisfaction within.

Anshuman Gautam

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