June 2, 2015

Theater Chalo!

Hi friends,
Its been almost two years since i started my journey in theatre. Its still a part-time involvement but sometimes it takes more than a full time.

Even though i admit that it has no magical cure for stammering which i actually believed to be when i joined theatre but still it is something incredible!! something that we must try in our life.  Playing some other character in an imaginary situation is so so challenging and the best part is the character changes with the next play. So you keep getting new challenges. Other benefit which i see is helping you improve your level of confidence. The ability to speak up in front of an audience. The other benefit is on your voice, pronunciation- Enunciation - Breathing right way - vocal exercises, all of it together helps you improve your communication. Overall i can say that It cannot really cure stammering but its not the only thing bothering you, more you are in the moment when you are acting, you will see it fading away eventually...

About the play;
This time my role is of an antagonist. Do come watch me perform. Its just after your office timings. The play is in Hindi and titled as "Shagaaf". Here is the overall detail of tomorrow's event:

Saarthak Productions presents:
Tales Of Existence - A Collection Of 2 One Act Plays in Hindi & English
The plays to be performed are Shagaaf and Outside of which the synopsis are as below.

Written and Directed by Deevas Gupta
Language: Hindi

"Shagaaf" is a play about one's struggle with inner desires and demons. The protagonist is suffering from a psychological disorder where he is in a state of constant paranoia and is unable to trust even his near ones. He has created an imaginary persona of himself and tries to resolve his own fears and illusions through it. It's an exploration into the basic questions of life, where the answers lies within.

Written and directed by Shaurya Singh
Language: English

“Outside” is a one act play in the genre of Theatre of the Absurd. It explores the human condition of being trapped. Outside tells the story of five people - Jim, Tina, Samuel, Claire and Edgar who find themselves in an unknown place and have to find out why they are there and if there is a way out. Will they make it out? Or are they doomed to be stuck forever?


Each play will be 40-50 minutes each. Total duration of the show will be around 1 hr 45 minutes. This will also include a 10 minutes break after the first One Act.
Children below 16 years of age are not allowed.

Date:     3rd June, 2015
Venue:  Rangashankara, 36/2, 8th Cross, 2nd Phase, J P Nagar, Bangalore 560078
Time:    7:30 PM

Tickets can be booked at:



sachin said...

Thanks Animesh! I can empathise with your observation: Theatre was not the magic pill, you dreamt of, at one point in life - BUT it has been such a transformative experience; I can well imagine! I think, for many, theatre can be a lot more effective than regular therapy...
But yes, initially, a pws will need a lot of hand-holding, because the idea of "talking on stage" can be so counter-intuitive for many of us..
I think, it is time you conducted a theatre workshop for cws and pws..

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

wow...If I've been in Bangalore I would love to watch it...even I love to do theatre..
All the best for your play....

abhishek said...

Great. All the best. I have heard that Bruce Willis also did a lot of theater and role play

abhishek said...
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