June 12, 2015

Environment & events can change you!

(Received from Dnyanesh Kenkre, Goa)
I had gone to attend the YOUTH Seminar organized by Shri Ram Chandra Mission Meditation with around 500 people.
It was of 8 days..On the first day they showed one video clip and they told to speak on the topic which was showed on the video.
And it was a choice and no force at all to speak. Generally a person who is so shy....Forget about talking, even to show up his face to public can be a BIG challenge; same for one who speaks only sometimes, that too, only when he is very much forced to, by people.
But on that day I don’t know what happened to me…and I by myself, without any force from any audience..went on the stage and spoke on top of my voice to the audience of 500 people..and I really could not believe it myself..believe it or not.
And interaction around there after that session was so charged with people that words fall short to describe the wonderful experience.
I had a very tough experience in a pharmaceutical company in which I was not allowed to eat even one time lunch properly..so much pressure.. That pinch was so hard that even today when I recall the moment mera khoon khaulta Hein..(I feel so angry)
But I think It was the final blast required for opening of the lid of the bottle which was closed for years and which gave outlet finally: To the supressed water to flow with full power. Since then, I have been doing meditation practise regularly and I feel the opening of the bottle lid was a real eye opener- the doors for Meditation. I would like to thank TISA VERY much from inside as because of this platform I could come in contact with all of you and become social and from here only I was directed towards the knowledge of meditation..Thank you and thanks a ton.
And I have actually come to understand the inportance of working in groups and as a family..it not only helps us to run the race but we work under full force and energy.I can link it to Dr.Sachin saying Ek Aur Ek Gyara Hotein Hein!!!!!!
Apart from that, Toastmasters is also one of the helping hands to me..
Now only two words come out of My Whole Persona with out me actuallly saying them when some people look at me is: Watch Me!!
Dnyanesh Kenkre


Virendra said...

This is a great achievement Dnyanesh. It is unbelievable that PWS goes to a stage voluntarily to address 500 people. Meditation helps and is key to a PWS to recover. Well done. Keep it up.

Mahesh Gaonkar said...