May 17, 2015

Hero is, who hero does.

Here is a great story: Tiger Woods writes an encouraging letter to a boy, bullied for stammering:

While growing up, I often worried, how will I fare, if I was ever called to a court to depose? Later, I did go to court to give testimony as a medical doctor couple of times. Nothing very much happened. Many of us in TISA have done that: talked to a police man, gone to court, given high tension interviews, got interviewed on TV etc. Here is a guy who deposed in an American court, with stutter, and received a lot of support on twitter:

So, what does it all mean? You are a hero, if you act like a hero! I dont mean, jumping from tenth floor to grab a bottle of Mountain Dew, No. It just means- acting with courage! and consideration for others! Have a good day!


abhishek said...

Very encouraging posts. My fear of talking to police was greatly relieved when I was fined by traffic police . I realized that the world didn't fall apart. It was just a passing incidence of life.

sachin said...

Very true. We give undue importance to so me events- and then punish ourselves and blame society.. And then a time comes when all this becomes an attitude, a habit...
Good news - all this can be reversed.