May 27, 2015

For Parents & Children

This resource is for parents or siblings who have a child who stammers. As of now, there is not very much by way of therapy which could be given to a child DIRECTLY. But dont panic. You can still do a LOT- and the child may have a complete recovery too. Chances of recovery is highest among children- that is, before psychological changes take deep roots in our personality.

Instructions for parents and Teachers (link)
Seven stories in Hindi for Children (link) : Parents and children can read it together and discuss

Izabela Hindi story- take a print out and read together with your child:
Izabella plain text-

Parents may read and learn more about stammering:

This video explains simple but EFFECTIVE steps you can take as parents or care takers of the child (review it 3-4 times- and PRACTISE above all!):

This video tells us HOW to talk and listen to the child. This can be a huge influence on how the child develops its own communication style.

Beyond this, remember, your knowledge and awareness about this issue can be the BIGGEST help for your child. Please check these videos and links:

If you have a teenager, who stammers:

An English story of a Romanian princess who stammered; Take a printout and read it to your child:
Plain text of the above story:

Seven principles, which may help a child who stammers (English Stories); take a print out, read and discuss with your child:

We will add more resources. Keep checking. Attend TISA events to meet others on the same path and discuss these issues. Our sincere thanks to Stuttering Foundation of USA for providing some of these resources freely!!


प्रभु ! कृपा हि केवलम् said...

Sachin sir @Thanks for above information and material . Now any TISA member can refer above single post to parents who enquires about his child

Satyendra said...

Yes, Hemant, that is the idea. We will keep adding to it. Parents often panic when their child stammers. And in the panic, even the common sense forsakes them. Unfortunately many parents labor under this false notion, that some therapist will do miracles with their child. They dont realise that even the best of therapist is finally going to depend on them - the parents only. And what they can do for the child- is truly simple things, nothing like making a Mars rover!