April 22, 2015

Skype meeting (04/22/15)

Today 7 Tisa members join the call, and we did some wonderful activities. Following below,

1.) Introduction
2.) Impromptu speech for 1 min/ person
3.) Tongue twister
4.) Passage reading for 2 mins/ person

Tisa members who joined the Skype today,

Abhishek Kumar, Asad Iqbal, Krish Vino, Ram mp, Sanjeev Shrestha, Valera Bondaruk, and Akash(me).

Interested people please join the meeting, below are the Skype ids you can add anyone of them and they will add you in the call.
I'll be on leave so Ram, Vinod and Siddhartha will lead the Skype meetings.

Ram's Skype ID - ram.mp1
Vinod's Skype ID - live:krishvino91_1
Siddhartha Skype ID - siddhartha1310

If you have any doubt in Skype call then feel free to call me and I'll suggest you.


1 comment:

vishal said...

great Start Akash !!!! Congratulation and keep it up