April 5, 2015

Getting shameless

Today morning when I enter my office area, as usual, I wished GOOD MORNING to my immediate bosses (Mr.X and Mrs.Y).They were talking to another manager,Mr.Z.Mr.Z was having sitting with his back towards me.I thought of wishing him as well.I tried getting his name out of my mouth, but in vain.I again tried with a little more audible struggle and again in vain.I kept standing there.....Mr.X and Mrs.Y were seeing that I am struggling to speak....They behaved ignorant to my speech struggle (because they didn't wanted me to feel bad,I guess)....I again tried and this time after a long struggle.....I just get the whole sentence out of my mouth in one go in low volume and that Mr.Z couldn't hear it because he was fully in that discussion.I again tried and again he didn't got me.....Then, finally Mr.X, my boss told that person to respond to me.All of them behaved completely normal but I was shaken a little....well, not little, but quite a bit.

But, what can I do if I was not getting the word out when I tried wishing him because it would have been a bad thing if I wouldn't had wished him because he is also a department head.So, all in all, I tried doing the right thing and it got ruined because of something which is not in my control.

After that, for one minute, I felt that I am a liability to my bosses because I can't just get the words out.Then, I rejected this thought because if I am doing my work and if they find me incompetent due to my speech, I don't give it a shit....they can throw me out...I have enough intelligence to earn a decent living.


sachin said...

"I tried doing the right thing" - This is the most important thing; rest is speculation, I think. Just stick to doing the right thing in every situation...Trust others too. They will take care of the rest- as in this case.

abhishek said...

You did the right thing , acted according to your conscience and kept trying to wish me. Z , did not give up. And we may not feel so, but our colleagues TRY to help us out. Bravo :)