April 19, 2015

47th SHG Meeting Chandigarh

I am sandeep kumar from chandigarh i persuing b.tech . We was meet here for 47 th SHG meeting  at Sector 42 palms garden chandigarh. We just 6 people in meeting that was Me , jasmeet , vineet , alok , perminder & the new one is Shashank. shashank was new joing in Tisa Today he was first meeting with us. jasmmet is engg. student & he is perparation for competative examination . vinnet is student of MCA last year . aloke singh  is work RBI in chandigarh . Perminder sir work in BSNL . & last one is shashank he is also engg. student .

 In meeting  we just introduce ownself to each other  & then the entry of Jasbir sir . when he is come in meeting  then the environment was change totally change . jasbir sir openly they told to us speak loudly & we speak loundly then we are openly to everyone  .

 then we start meeting & introduce ourself in louldy , some peoples those are listing us they also come in our group & join us . we are very inspire of them. they listing us very carefuly &  after some minutes 2 college girls also join ur vandna & rajvir kaur , both are open minded  they also support us  . they told us you are so brave & u can do everythink , dont be fear about other people, just concentrate in your work .

I am so happy actually we are so happy about  this SHG meeting bacuse first time i expose my stammer to some one other peoples  . this was  great meeting

thankx to TISA  & sachin Sir  , Jasbir sir  & alll of U mine SHG frends

Yess WE Cannnnnnnnn........................


jasbir singh said...

Nice write up Sandeep. Please keep it up.
Yes. Believe in your power of "I CAN."

jasmeet singh said...

Pictures are beautifully captured, that movement was really energetic and full of positive vibes.
As I said before, we are very blessed to have seniors like jasbir sir and parmjeet sir. Without you guys meeting will not be so enjoyable.
Jasbir sir the story of baaz/hawk was really so inspiring, I got goosebumps at that time.
God bless and love you all.

sachin said...

Congrats everyone and Jasbir ji!