February 21, 2015

School Revisitation

Yesterday I again went to some schools. My motive was to visit some Hindi medium schools as last time I visited only English medium schools. So I started my visitation beginning with a school near my house. I met a teacher there. He was my maths tuition teacher in 10th standard. I told him every thing about TISA and also my life after 10th class. Finally I gave him the pamphlet.
I then moved to a school where my nephew was studying as he told me that there are 4-5 stammerers in his class. I met the Principal and explained him about TISA and stammering. But to my surprise she told me "We don't have any child who stammers". I don't understand why people are ashamed of talking about stammering. I gave the pamphlet to her and urged her to put it on school notice board.
After that I visited 4 more schools. But I was able to speak to only 1 principal as the other 3 were busy.

I feel that still people are not very much aware of Stammering and doesn't want to talk about it and that too in a big city like Jaipur.

So I will keep on visiting schools and colleges and other public places & the next episode will come soon guys.

1 comment:

sachin said...

We have no child who stammers - is a pretty standard reply in schools! Finishing the course is the only priority! No wonder we have produced mediocrity by tons! Anyway, carry on. Even if you motivate one teacher, one child, you have done something worth while... Bravo!