January 13, 2015


Today my post is not directly related to stammering. But I thought I must share this.
Today I went to a government hospital near my house in Jaipur. As I was standing in the queue I heard people discussing 'SERIOUSLY' about the price hike in registration slip. Earlier the price was Rs 5 and now it is increased to Rs 10. A thought came in my mind-if Rs 5 hike is such a matter of great concern and it discussed so seriously then how can they afford any costly treatment. Then a thought related to stammering again came. Won't these common people have Person Who Stammers in their family, or in neighborhood and will they be able to afford any 'highly priced cure' which are prevailing in health sector.
This thought again made my Acceptance and Self-Help toward stammering more strong.

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sachin said...

Very true... But 'desperate' people sometime do all kind of things...