January 8, 2015


Hello to everyone...Hope u all r well :)

Actually most of the stammerers have a problem that they hesitate/find it difficult to explain their thoughts to other people becoz of the fear of stammering.

The same is the problem with mee.
I found that the problem with me is that i won't be able to explain my thoughts to other person clearly. Especially i found this problem when i speak ENGLISH.

So, inorder to remove this ENGLISHOPHOBIA...., I found a Unique way for this :)
I started giving Tutions.. :)
Online tutions to Foreigners....!!!!


  • Now i explain all the things in English only :)
  • I love teaching ...... so by this iam fulfilling my hobby of teaching.
  • Getting MONEY for teaching :)


kanpur vikings said...

Great idea.....

sachin said...

Now this is IIT grade stuff...
Congrats! Keep sharing such brilliant ideas..

kumar kundan said...

Great mukesh ! It gives encouragement to people who struggles to find a way out.

Harish Usgaonker said...

Superb idea... Very courageous.