December 31, 2014

My Speech Sample - Usage of impromptu word substitutions...

   Hi Comrades..few days back..i was doing an impromptu hand writing analysis of  one of my friend..which was being recorded without me knowing it most of the time.
  Find below  the link of my speech recording of the same..during the course of analysis i have consciously and subconsciously used filler words..word substitutions..use different tonal s.. pauses...exaggerated sighs at many points...and let me tell you i wasn't stressing myself  by doing all fact i enjoyed the jugglery of words while keeping the factual s correct as far as possible.. am not claiming that my speech was flawless..flawless speech comes out of only machines :)
  I being a PWS myself ,   do not know as to how this audio clip of mine, would help you formulate any kind of strategy ..i also understand what works for me may or may not work for others..

PS ( Please do not give any importance to the amateurish analysis done by me ) :)

                           Click here :          Link :




sachin said...

Interesting! Intriguing too- the technical part!
I think, stammering is NOT what we do with our mouth. It is fear, guilt, shame etc. If one is free of these (to a reasonable degree at least..), then where is the stammering?
you are doing great. Sounding very natural. Keep it up...

Joy deep Majumder said...

You are right Sachin..once we have accepted that we stutter..then fear ..guilt..shame is all that remains to be addressed ..