October 18, 2014

The first meet Post-NC Bangalore SHG ……………………..

 Date October 12 2014
Members : Avinash, Sergey, Nishil,Tanveer,Upasana,Jayant,Ajay,Anshuman,Sairam,Naman,Aruna -

Introduction - We started the meeting with our trademark introduction style but keeping it brief as most of us were familiar each others.

Once the introduction was done Naman presented a preview of his upcoming toastmaster speech.
Prepared speech by naman - "Picture Perfect". The pacing of Namans speech was really good and all the best to his 4th speech in toastmasters. We could all see the confidence in his tone when he spoke.

After the wonderful speech by Naman  we all were raring to take the stage , extempore fit in the slot.
In this fast paced 2 minutes deadline, some of us had more to say but could not finish it on time  - makes us think of organizing our speech more structurally as to end on a high note when the time is up.
Some of us could not even speak the full 2 minutes and were left wanting for more words to fill - Seriously we need to consider talking   

Interview Panel - Ajay (manager) Naman(Lead), Sairam and Upasana (Technical Members)
Target: Avinash
In this serious interview Avinash came into contact with all sort of interview Questions ranging from stuttering to technical skills and critical scrutiny of CV. Our daredevil answered most of the questions tactfully,  there were few fallacies which the interviewers and external audiences could catch.
This session provided us a rare opportunity to witness a live interview(almost) and feel the tension it brings on us.
There were many learnings to pick from this exercise for the fresher's looking for the job and experienced folks
Looking to change the company.

And it was time for some NC Talk - Sharing Experience -
Nishil, Sergey, Avinash, and Tanveer shared their NC experience. Whatever we felt were the top 3 effects of NC we shared as we probably cannot share all the experience in couple of hours.

GD - Should the current trend in ecommerce sustain
After a much heated debate the conclusion was that we need e-commerce sites doling out attractive gifts , but there should a limitation constraint.

We had an interesting topic for retrospection put forth by Naman  …….
"Has stuttering just become a talk, or action" -

Here's what I got from the phrase  "Are we moving ahead or have we laid down our weapons and embraced mediocrity; is there fight still left in us or have we succumbed to our current fate and are contended with winning minor battles ; do we have a goal in mind to reach or are we still fighting to find one"   

Lots to think over for our next meeting !!!!!!!!!!!


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sachin said...

Very valid point raised by Naman. Sometimewe wake up- onlyto turn on our side to go backto sleep. Sometime we call it acceptance! Noooooo... Acceptance is a "call to arms" really...