October 6, 2014

Reuben's Letter to TISA

Dear TISA, 

I give my very best regards to everyone at the NC who I didn't have the opportunity to bid a personal farewell to this morning. There are so many wondrous, wise and courageous people I met in these past few days. I wish the requirements of life and responsibility would have allowed me to stay for longer, know people better and see more of your great country.

I return to the USA this morning blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of stammering in India. I look forward to strengthening the friendships formed at this NC.

Best regards, 

Reuben Schuff
Raleigh, North Carolina USA


sachin said...

Thanks for being with us. It was great fun to have you. Your jugglery feat was memorable and has left us with some subtle learning...
Hope to have you again in tisa events in future.
Best wishes..

I am Santosh said...

It was a wonderful experience with you Reuben. We also learns a lot from you. And yes we thrilled to saw your jugglery skills.
Best regards,

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

Nice to have you Reuben. Although I was not present when you were doing jugglery but I have seen videos of it...just mind blowing.
Hope to see you again.
Thank you