October 19, 2014

Mumbai- no more mum..

IIT Bombay SHG starting Sunday, October 19, 2 to 4 PM, (thanks to Kamal and Dhruv!)

All Mumbai SHG members please come to IIT B this Sunday. We will meet at 1:30 PM near Y point or Market gate. SHG will be from 2 PM to 4 PM.
The venue is few hundred meters closer to market gate than main gate. Here is the map:

Kamal Yadav, Cell: 7506144798, kamal.yadav@gmail.com,


sachin said...

What has been the commercial capital of India, let it become the greatest self-help capital of world..!!
Technology with a human face and human heart..!!
Best wishes!

Tanveer Khan said...

Best wishes, Kamal!

mukesh singh said...

It reminds my days of starting SHG @ IIT ROORKEE..!!!!!!
wow....good start...and let's conquer Stammering :)
Best wishes

Dhruv Gupta said...

Mukesh, you started SHG @ IIT Roorkee! Great! Is it still going on? It would be great for all SHG's in IIT to be connected in some way online. Just to help them feel, wow they are so many of us! And give inspiration to IIT Bombay. Do share contact details of SHG IIT Rookee if you have.

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Awesome guys :) All the best

ashis said...

I am not from IIT. Can I join this group.