October 12, 2014

Journey with TISA

You might be wondering the subject as this is journey with TISA and not on stammering. During NC at Pune many said that I am non PWS. One person said I do not stammer then is my wife is PWS!! The fact is I stammer and will remain as Comfortable Stammerer. There is huge difference between PWS and comfortable PWS. It was Nov 2012 where I was having a team meeting and had stammered badly in front of the team. It was a very bad day for me and I was looking for options to overcome stammering. I visited again speech therapist at Pune, paid good amount of money, but he looted as usual. Then I was searching in for ways on the internet, I found options one in Bangalore, one in Rajasthan and one TISA as well. I was planning to join any of these, but got involved on Hangout session managed by Vishal Gupta. Since then I did not look back, I attended NC at Delhi in Oct 2013 where I found that I am not alone in this challenging world. Since then the real journey began. Pune organized a Comm Workshop in December led by Dr Sachin. In Feb I led another workshop at Pune. Both these workshops were really helpful from an organization of an event, making friends, and ACCEPT stammering completely as part of self. Mitul from Pune organized another day outing outside of Pune in June. During this period the idea of NC 2014 was born and all the experiences are with you for those attended the NC.

In Oct 22, 2013, I appeared for an interview to Times of India, please see the link for more details on it. Virendra in Times . Also please see the YouTube video I have uploaded in last year in Nov 2013. Virendra Shirse in Nov 2013. This year we will see what can be done to Oct 22 and record the speech again and upload. I stammer today and will stammer tomorrow as well, but not going mad about it. It happens I forget it and go to do next activity without carrying baggage. 

Here are some of the things which I have done to be comfortable with Stammering. If you feel any inspiration on what I have done then please take a look at below table and try to explore the life beyond stammering. 

StepsWhat I am doingRecommendations
1Meditate in morning for an hour and 30 minutes in evening without fail, each day, however I am tired in the world of expectations from office, home, and society, I do not miss on this. Please join any meditation techniques which helps you, but attempt as this is sure shot solution to boost confidence, reduce anxiety, manage the expectations. 
2ACCEPT the stammering as part of life and transcend it instead of cursing and hating it.

I have opened with my boss, organization, all friends around world, all my whats group. This helps to reduce the burden and accept the stammering as part of you.
3Join SHG meetings regularly.
Attend Hangout Sessions organized by stammerfreely.com

Since I know TISA I join even if there are very few joining on Sunday meetings. Once you join regularly people who are hesitant they will also join. We have atleast 5 PWS in Pune SHG meetings and normal strength is 7 to 14 PWS.

If you are in a hurry to recover, then join hangouts every day. Visit http://stammerfreely.com/
4Read Apana Hath Jaganath (AHJ) and use those practical techniques in day to day speaking situations.In addition to AHJ, read other books on Stammering available on stammer.in and t-tisa.blogspot.in
5Attend Comm Wokshops. I attended one at Pune and then next I organized it. We will have a workshop details on TISA Blog / Site soon.
6Write on Blog / share in whats group. Read Blog, comment on it. Join TISA local groups. 

I would like to take opportunity to Thank you TISA and especially Dr Sachin for this wonderful journey on TISA. 

Thanks & Regards,
Virendra Shirse
Pune SHG


Satyendra said...

These six steps really work wonders. LIFE BEYOND STAMMERING is a beautiful idea and well within our reach if we try some of these ideas..
Virendra, thanks for trusting, participating and sharing your resources and time...

kanpur vikings said...

When i came for the first time to meet Sachin sir, I was told to change my attitude towards stammering and I thought why to change attitude when i needed to "fix my tongue"... now i wonder why so....? Really TISA is beyond fluency....it is more of bringing in attitudinal changes and accepting the way you are.

ABHISHEK said...

Thanks for sharing sir.. It is great:)

Viren Gandhi, Mumbai said...

I was really impressed with communication skills of Mr. Virendra. I did not know full story as he wrote in blog. But I did talked with him once at TISA NC and was impressed. Now after reading blog how he has improved in just 2 years, I am really impressed. As we all know, it's important to communicate and not to be fluent. He was excellent host handling events at NC. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Dhruv said...
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I am Santosh said...

Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts & journey through out .
Have to do meditation since its the only path i've not gone across.
Thanks once again.