October 15, 2014

Feedback from Vikas!

Vikas Ranga has documented the NC in a succinct, comprehensive report, which is available here. Nicely laid out and with some good memorable pictures. We are just quoting below his personal take away from those 3 days!
"..It was really great three days experiences and one of the best days of 2014 for me. Following are take away for me:
    1. Stammering Recovery Plan

Following are the activities that I am planning to follow to recover my stammering. NC provided me a platform to know lot about these activities from other PWS.

      1. Accepting Stammering

Accepting stammering means to desensitize yourself to a level that you will feel proud to say that you stammer. It’s a very long journey to reach to that stage. Some of the components of accepting stammering are, you will not feel bad when you stammer at any point, you will not substitute any word, you will always take initiative to talk whether you stammer or not etc. One of the best way to accept stammering is to challenge yourself at every point if you have fear for anything.
      1. Know Your Stammering

It includes the activities to analyse the pattern of your stammering. As every PWS stammer in different style, so it is necessary to analyse your own style and improve in your own style by using the techniques whatever suits you best.
      1. Practice Various Techniques

There are many techniques for the recovery of stammering i.e. bouncing, prolongation, block correction etc. After knowing the pattern of your stammering, you can try any technique whatever suits you better with the purpose to be a better communicator not the fluent.
      1. Vipasana

Vipasana is one of the best form of meditation. It purifies the human being and the solutions of all psychological problems. One of the reason of stammering is also psychology, so Vipasana plays key role in recovery journey of stammering.
    1. Networking

NC had 100+ participants, from 18 to 60 years of age, from students to managers/ businessmen, from Delhi to Kolkata..." (read the report for more; link is above; Thanks a lot, Vikas! Your random act of kindness was quite prompt!)

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kumar kundan said...

I read the whole report on shared link.
It is both a good initiative and a good omen that people are coming forward with creative ideas to make the events more organised and documented.
I sincerely congratulate TISA for bringing ray of hope among PWS and emphasizing that "We too have a Voice".