September 27, 2014

TISA Eklavya Awards Polling - Last 3 days

Last 3 days of voting before the voting closes!

If you haven't voted yet for your favourite nominations for Eklavya Awards, then you can do so by 30th Sept.

Click Here to vote.

We thank all the coordinators for suggesting and submitting nominations. Few nominations were also added by the core-team, and here we have the final list of nominations. Coordinators, please circulate the link across your SHG so that we have good number of votes which translates to an indicative result of our thoughts.


sachin said...

Yesss- let us vote
But give prizes to everyone!

sachin said...

Friends, pleeeeeze vote. If you do not know enough about these "mysterious" guys, let us know! We will tell you some pretty interesting tales about them!!

jasbir singh said...

Dear Harish,Very good initiative to encourage/motivate the volunteers. I have voted today. See you in Pune.