September 12, 2014

News @ TISA Hyderabad on 7th Sep

We were 9 members for the meetup.
Purna, Fahad, Ramesh, Sushant, Ramesh, Pramoda, Siva , Manikumar and Rajesh.
This meeting was coordinated by Ramesh.
The activities happened @ meeting
1. Pranayam
2. Meditation
3. Introduction round greeting that i am a stammering person.
4. Prepared speeches
5. Role plays.

6. GD
7. Voluntary Stuttering
8. Acting
9.Dialogue delivery
11. Criticism

The meeting went till 6pm in the evening. We had great fun and adventurous day in exploring stammering. We always maintained slow speaking in our speech and asked members to point out if someone is going fast.
We recorded the prepared speeches.
Ramesh has done an good job in coordinating the meetup.
So this coming weekend Purna is going to coordinate the meeting.

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