September 22, 2014

Live from Eden Bagh DAY-2

The second day started with a very nice quote on fb.

 So as we have planned, we started our journey to Dehradun. Nothing much to tell about today because we just sat in a room today. But you see when you are in Herbertpur each moment is a teacher itself. So LESSONS I learned today-

1.    Rather than sitting in you room on weekends, go and talk to somebody new. Be him an auto-driver or a hotel owner. You will get a chance to speak as well as get knowledge.
2.    Always I mean always carry a book with you wherever you are going. I regretted it today.
3.    Talk to people who are older than you. They love it. Like when you are in bus or auto, start a conversation. You will find that they are more interested than you.
4.    Focus on content rather than how you are going to speak.
5.    Money is not everything. One who has friends can never go bankrupt.  
        YES, the gone day was more focused on how to live life with stammering. One thing I heard form Sachin sir is “some people say when my stammering will over, I will do this and this. Then I will be the king. Every girl would love me and blah blah blah.” My brothers, so what you start to speak like person sharing your room or one sitting next to you in bus. You will be reading in same college, you will be have same friends, same parents, and same neighbourhood. So focus on good life rather than stammering. I guess that’s why TISA was started too. To live a much happier and communicative life in spite of being fluent.      

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