September 25, 2014

Is Speech Therapy Really a "CURE"

Hello friends
My name is Ravi Kant Sharma & I'm a person who stammers (PWS). I have been stammering since I was 12 years of age. Actually I exactly don't remember when I started my stammering but my family members sometime tells me that I was a normal speaker upto age 10.

Today I'm nearly 23 & I've have been stammering upto now. Meanwhile in these 10-12 years I had tried many things. I ate a lot of almond, visited many holy places & like all other PWS I tried many Speech Therapies.

First Speech Therapy that I took was when I was in 9th Std. I with my 2 brothers went to an ENT specialist in Jaipur. She tested my Speech Organs and told me that there is no problem with my speech organs and referred me to a 2-3 day speech therapy course. I was told to read aloud. It worked but temporarily.

Second time I took speech therapy was when I passed 12th std. This time the man was actally not a speech therapist but a graduate in  some course related to stammering. During this period I noticed a strange thing- I was speaking well inside that clinic premises but the moment I came out I again start stammering. It confused me.

Again third time I went to a Speech Therapist but I didn't took speech therapy as I was busy with my college.

Fourth time I again went to a Speech Therapist in Delhi after I passed my college and when he opened his mouth for fee our mouth remained opened. He was charging more than Rs 50K.

But being a stubborn I again went to a Speech Therapist in Jaipur. He charged a lot but it was affordable. This time I decided to improve my Speech and I practised for many hours a day but that Therapist told us not to talk of Stammering as if it were a curse. Again after 6-7 months I was at the same point from where I started.

So here the question arises "Is Speech Therapy Really a CURE". I guess the answer is neither NO nor YES. To some it may have proved useful but in my case it didn't. The reason I think is that Speech Therapy doesn't deal with emotional & psychological aspect.

I came in contact with TISA a year ago. I have no idea of future but what I learned from TISA is "This Self Is To Be Realised Through Self-Effort"

Thank You
Ravi Kant Sharma


ABHISHEK said...

We have learnt acceptance at TISA, which is the first step towards better communication.... We have to walk the path and know ourselves.. We can aim at better communication, better attitude towards stammering rather than chasing for cure..

Ravi said...

Very well said Abhishek...I had tried many Therapies but none taught me Acceptance...instead taught me to forget stammering

Satyendra said...

Thank you Ravi - for a very honest and courageous post. Not only you, almost everyone, including myself, in TISA has not found what they were looking for in "therapy" and hence they got in touch with TISA.. I am sure many more people will share and talk these experiences and thus help each other..
Truth never hurts. No one.

Virendra said...

Ravi, ditto same story for me as well. The big difference TISA says is to accept it and also do something on it. Speech therapists, any other medicines in any form will not help as this is not disease. Stammering is a disorder and can set it right over the period. But the best way to tackle is to ACCEPT it fully without hiding 1% of it. Techniques are there which will help to manage situations. So truth prevails again!

Ravi said...

@ Sachin Sir I must thank you. Your guidance and approach towards stammering has always been helpful.

Ravi said...

@Virendra Sir My acceptance is increasing day-by-day. Although it is not 100% but I'm quite sure that one day I'll achieve it.