August 22, 2014

Delhi SHG Meeting at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk on 24th August

Come and join us ! Focus on  "Desensitization"

  • Host : Vishal Gupta 
  • Profession : UI & UX Designer
  • Speciality : Serious, talkable, Funny 

=> Please set you alarm and schedule for 27 July, 10:30(Sharp) Morning 

=> Central Park, Rajiv chowk (infront of Gate No. 6 Rajiv chowk metro station)

Agenda : Meditation, introduction, breathing exercise, motivational speeches, table topics, impromptu speech, Desensitization. 

Contact us @ :
Vishal : 8447490753
Himanshu : 8586864993
mail us at

NOTE DOWN : This is just a humble request, Please prepare any one speech on any topic at-least for 3-5 minutes.


1 comment:

sachin said...

Yes, desensitization is a powerful way of becoming free of "Duniya kya sochegi?".. Thereafter, you are free to work on your content and communication skills..
But like brushing your teeth, doing it once - is not enough..
Haklao - magar pyar se!