June 7, 2014


In the first video, the possible causes of stammering were explained. 

In the second video, how to overcome stammering with speech therapy was discussed.

In the third video, apart from speech what are all the other activities which also helps to overcome stammering.

In the fourth and final video, improvement on speech after five months of speech therapy was shown.

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Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

Thanks many sir for these post.
Yes you are absolutely right.
Anybody can get fluency by practice . Only practice can reprogram speaking and breathing pattern of pws, no other option.
It is same like landing on moon. For landing on moon , first we have to untie all ropes of spacecraft ( acceptance), then keep speed of spacecraft more then escape velocity of earth (speech therapy practice), and if spacecraft come out from earth (stammering) gravitational force, (fluency) moon's gravitional force start to attract spacecraft and with less force,it can land on moon surface.