June 30, 2014


I wish to inform all the members with pleasure that 1st whatsapp group was launched on 1st of January 2014, is completing 6 months as on today.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members who have listened my advice and practicing accordingly.

In this connection, I wish to inform the following :

1. There are 6 main groups namely DD, MI, KKR, RCB&HSR, CSK & GROUP 5 .

2. One AV group and also one FUN group.

3. The total members strength as on today is 220.

4. Most of the members were now convinced that there was no shortcut & they have to do some kind of speech practice for at least one year to overcome their stammering.

5. About 40% members were practicing speech therapy. Most of them were giving positive feedback. I request those members to do silent speech therapy, extensive use of head movements, slow down their physical activities & slow writing also which ever is possible (whenever they are free) through out the day. Because, one hour practice alone is not sufficient. Overcoming stammering is changing their old personality into a entirely new one. To achieve this, they have to take sustained efforts throughout the day .

 I request them to practice sincerely for another 6 months, get rid of their stammering and start achieving what they could not able to achieve now due to stammering. Be a role models to others.
All the best to everyone.


kevin d'souza said...

My phone is in the service center so I am disconnected to WhatsApp. But I do practice everyday for 1 hour. Thank you Sir, for guiding us. :-)

Unknown said...

Plz add me in the group my no is 8170835154

Abdul Aareez said...

Please add me in the group my no 7004754051