June 12, 2014

Many Many Thanks to you, Mani Sir!!

We have just realized that Mr Manimaran is facing time constraints and at his request, we are relieving him of his coordination responsibilities. He will continue to be a much loved senior & colleague, available to all of us. Please join us in extending a deep sincere gratitude to Mr Manimaran for his silent and consistent work to help others since 2001, begun under- very aptly- Gandhi Ji's statue on Marina beach in Chennai.
You may contact him, especially if you are from Tamilnadu and around, for help, guidance and counselling. The best medium will be: Whatsapp - a very innovative group, evolved by him over last one year. These six flourishing groups with 200+ members from all over India (women too), have become a vibrant community, where you can search and pick up a fellow pws from your own city in a few minutes- contact him, go out and practice with him- and share an ice-cream too!
Please join us in praying for him, his family and friends - for all his creativity and social initiatives...

On another note, we will be restructuring TISA and you are welcome to let us know if you have time to volunteer. Write to sachin, answering just two questions briefly: what have you done in the past and what you want to do in the future- with and for TISA. Sachin has taken up the coordination role in the interim.
Also, gear up and start planning for some nice long walks around Lonavala hills (3-5 October, 2014)..Bring good trekking shoes if you wish to compete against sachin !!
(Thanks to Mumbai and Pune SHG!!)


Manimaran said...

My sincere thanks to TISA having faith on me by entrusting the Coordinator job. After becoming Coordinator, I opened Chennai TISA centre on 9th Dec, 2013 and started 1st whatsapp group on the 1st of January' 2014

Now I am fully occupied with the above two activities and unable to find time to do Coordinator role.

Coordinator is an important post & for that you have to dedicate most of the time.

Since I was not able to dedicate my time for the Coordinator post, I have requested Dr. Sachin to relieve me from that post as NC-2014 is fast approaching and lot of planning & works have to be carried out.

Dr. Sachin immediately obliged to my request, relieved me immediately from the Coordinator post and he himself taken charge as interim Coordinator.

My wishes to him is just a formality, as he had already completed many Hercules tasks with ease.

My best wishes to Dr. Sachin to continue his good work. I am always willing to help him at any role.

However, I will continue to run the TISA whatsapp groups & the Chennai as before.

Ashish Agarwal said...

Respect for Mani sir and Dr.Sachin.Mani sir have a lot of love and affection for stutterers community; made arrangements to bring up first TISA residential centre situated at chennai.

Serving self lessly stammerers community way before the inception of TISA and came up with innovative ideas of watsapp groups for stammerers to help stammerers is another pillar to solidify the foundation of TISA comunity.

Wishing you as young, energetic,innovative and affectionate always!!

Virendra said...

Manimaran Sir, the service you have given to TISA can't be expressed in words. I am obliged to your hospitality and care you have taken to me and all people who visited Chennai TISA center.

Thank you again for your work on the whats app group you have created and knowledge shared during last 6 months. Another thing which I feel is your selfless, humble service without hurting anyone but doing the job with promptness and utmost professionalism.

Rajesh V said...

Manimaran ji and Sachin ji,
my best wishes to you both.
Selfless and compassionate nature of yours helped our community.
Its great journey so far with you both.
We learned many things from your way of life.
Thanks for all those teachings and dedication towards us !
Regards !