June 21, 2014

Communications Workshop at Pune in June 2014

Communication Workshop in Pune June (21-22), 2014

A one day Communication Workshop is planned on coming weekend in a resort away from city. The place is 50 KMs from Pune and 35KMs from Lonavala. Please write on pune.stammer@gmail.com for any queries. The total charges may range from Rs. 1300 to 1500 this includes one day stay and lunch, snacks, dinner and breakfast on next day. 

1. Introduction of Participants
2. Introduction to Recovery and Techniques
3. Role of PWS in Acceptance
4. Bouncing and Prolongation
5. Voluntary Stammering
6. Cancellation
7. Block Correction Techniques
8. Secondary Behavior Analysis
9. Learning and Next Steps 

National Conference 2014 Pune - Details
As you might know that we are organizing National Conference 2014 at Pune from Oct 3-5, 2014. We would like to make arrangements based on the number of people attending the conference. Can you email on NC2014.Pune@gmail.com on your confirmation that you would be coming. Please send details in following format
  • Full Name
  • City
  • Mobile
  • Email address
For more details on NC please visit this page:  http://www.t-tisa.blogspot.in/2014/05/national-conference-2014-at-pune.html


sachin said...

Wonderful! Conducting such mini workshops will keep your facilitation skills honed and sharp. Because facilitating a WS like this requires special skills, which one forgets easily, if not in use.. .

vishal gupta said...

Wow!!!! Virendra Sir I am very much impressed. You are just awesome !!!

Dhruv Gupta said...

Fantastic idea! You are all an inspiration to PWS around the country & world!

Dhruv Gupta said...
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Manimaran said...

Great Virendra. I suggest you to explain scientifically (if possible) for the purpose of doing certain activities /practicing so that pws would convince more and will start practicing in the real life situations. I am ready to help on this. My best wishes to you for the successful completion of the WC.