April 20, 2014

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) or B Vitamin - Do PWS need this supplement to tackle stuttering?

30% of PWS has told the benefit of taking this supplement to overcome stuttering. But the fact is totally different. Watch the below space which was on air.

Prakash K


sachin said...

Dear Prakash - you are right. Many people with vested interest, sprinkle the web with such stories..and pws, being under pressure to get "cured" go along and try these things. Even if 10%try them out, the business oobjectives of such operators are successfully met. I think we, the pws need to be smarter than we think we are!

Abhilash Sahoo said...

Dr Schwartz hasn't just said things in the air, He has provided scientific evidence supporting his claim.... The fact of the matter is No one clearly knows why stuttering occurs and Thiamine has proved to be a pretty harmless vitamin supplement......So there is no harm in trying it out....