March 17, 2014

Zonal meetup plan at Chennai on April 5th and 6th


We are planing for zonal meetup (Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Goa) at Chennai on April 5th and 6th in the auspicious presence of Manimaran

Please do not wait for a volunteer to call you up and push you out of your comfort zone :) Please respond your willingness to attend this meetup asap. Its going to be a lot of fun with learnings. And yeah we will be visiting beach also there :)

We will be uploading schedule asap after discussion with core team.

Please contact me at abhinav dot foss at gmail dot com for any queries or suggestions. It will be great if you can reply me with your status asap


Manimaran said...

We can have the meeting at the Chennai centre itself, which will be cost effective. 20 members can be easily accomodated in the hall. About 8 each can be accomodated in each2 rooms. We can easily run parallel session.
About 8 to 10 members can stay in the centre itself. Others can stay in their relatives or friends house.
Getting hall and acvomodation in the last minute is very tough at Chennai.
The only constrain holding meeting at Chennai centre is we should not make any noise as it's in residential flats.
But Merina beach is nearby only and we can make noise to any decibels.
Suggestions are welcome.

sachin said...

Yes - I have been in the TISA Chennai center and it can accomodate 15_20 people easily. It will be good for conceptual discussions and, as Mr Mani says, for noise and fun , you all can go to Marina beach..
Agenda or no agenda - it is going to be lots of fun to meet so many pws at one go..
Friends - dont miss this Mahamilan..

Rajesh V said...

It shall be a good meetup...Great days ahead
Regards !