March 10, 2014

Dr.Sachin at Chennai SHG meeting

Chennai SHG was very fortunate that Dr.Sachin participated the meeting held on 09.03.2014. Most of the Chennai members knew about Dr.Sachin, they were seeing him in person for the first time.

At the outset of the meeting, I welcomed Dr.Sachin and introduced him to the Chennai SHG members.

 Dr.Sachin started interacting with everyone for some time and came to the business straight away. He asked pws to have role play. He asked one pws to be a bank manager (he is actually a bank manager) and another 3 pws as a customers who came for getting loans. Really a very interesting role play and everyone enjoyed it.

Then he asked all the members divided into two teams for another role play. One team forms bride side another from bridegroom side. This role play was about demanding more jewelry by the bridegroom side after marriage. Really a fun filled one role play.  

Then Dr.Sachin, talked about the importance of removing fear from pws mind. He mainly emphasized the following three points.

1.    To understand our stammering. For this, we have to voluntarily stammer and observe what we were doing wrong while stammering?. Because, then only we can have ideas about how to overcome it. Because during normal stammering, we could not identify our wrong doings.
2.    To remove fear due to stammering, we have to ‘DESENSITIZED’ with our stammering. That means, whenever we stammers with other persons, we have to smile to them. This would relieve our stress considerably.
3.    Always use SHG meetings as platform to test out various techniques.

Then Dr.Sachin taught us some fun games which were also enjoyed by everyone.
Afterwards, Dr.Sachin asked the members to recall any funny incidents happened in their life. Some of the incidents told by the members were really hilarious.

Lastly some of the members asked doubts and Dr.Sachin clarified each of their doubts.
At the end of the meeting, Gnanasekar gave vote of thanks.

On the behalf of Chennai SHG, I thank Dr.Sachin who introduced so many new things in the meeting which made every members very happy.

That’s all from Chennai chapter.

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Ashish Agarwal said...

Wow...nice to see you all guys there...hope everyone enjoyed the chemistry of duo- Dr.Sachin and Mani sir