February 24, 2014

Chennai SHG meeting Report Held on 23.02.2014

The Chennai SHG meeting was held on 23.02.2014  were attended by 9 pws including a new one.

In the first one hour, we just had a relaxed chatting on the subjects having positive impact on our life styles. One pws has informed that security in life in the form of parents support, spouse’s support, financial support, job security etc are important contributing factors to a pws to successfully overcome his stammering problem.

Another pws told a real incident which augured well for the above arguments. Now a days, the land cost in Chennai suburban areas are sky rocketing. He informed that one pws sold his land for Rs.7 crore, bought a good house and a luxury car, leading a very luxurious life. That pws stammering was completely vanished now because of his change in life style and he is talking normally. Unbelievable!!!

Next we divided ourselves into two teams and debated about for and against Arvind  Kejarwal. Really a lively debate and everyone keenly participated and put forth their views with good reasoning.

Finally one pws graphically explained about bouncing technique. He compared the bouncing technique with a bouncing ball. That’s a bouncing ball can easily bounce over a barrier and land on the other side. But a non-bouncing ball was not able to bounce over the barrier and instead hitting the barrier again and again, just like a pws blocking in the same sound again and again.

That’s all from Chennai chapter. 

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