January 10, 2014

TISA whatsapp group progress

TISA group in whatsapp was commenced on 1st Jan’2014. Within 10 days it made tremendous progress. Now one group was full with 50 members joining in it. Now another group was started on 8th Jan’2014 and 10 pws were already joined as members. Now the first group is called TISA-1 and that osf second one as TISA-2.

After the commencement of whatsapp group,  most of the members practicing some techniques and giving feedbacks. For the first 2 days, they give message feedback. Then they started giving voice message feedback. Some pws voluntary stuttering mode voice feedback. Today I have sent video feedback with voluntary stuttering. I hope many members will follow it.

These whatsapp groups now apart from practical also become fun filled and entertaining one. We are making discussions and debate also on one subject everyday. The members are giving useful inputs and thus pws are not only participating in the debate but also gained more knowledge about stammering.

The following are the topics the members made discussion on it.
1.    Why breathing exercise is more necessary and more useful to pws than a normal person.
2.    What is the difference between conscious and subconscious mind?
3.    How much time one has to practice a technique?
4.    Whether two techniques can be practiced one after another?
5.    Can pws practice techniques in during nights?

Now a discussion is how to remove a belief system from subconscious mind. Also another discussion is going on about “Prolongation” and “Bouncing” techniques and when & where the about techniques shall be useful.

I never expected whatsapp could be used this much effectively, reaching so many pws in a shorter period.

We also proposed to start a HINDI TISA whatsapp group. We are searching for volunteers. It is very easy one  Just simply translate my message and post it in the Hindi group. If anyone asks some clarifications, it has to be translated in English and send it to me for my answer. At the most, they have to spend one hour everyday. By this way, more pws would be benefited. Those who are interested in this job can contact me. Those who are interested in joining TISA-2 group can send their mobile no along with their name and place of living to my mobile no 098842 899899.



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sachin said...

Congrats Mani. Let us put IT to some great use!