January 4, 2014

Attended Dr.Martin Schwartz lecture at Chennai

Dear all,
Myself along with Gnanasekaran, Ganesh and Karunyamurthy  have attended a lecture given by Dr.Martin Schwartz from USA at Ramachandra medical college, Chennai on 04.01.2014. He has given lecture on “Trigger of the stuttering” from 2 to 4 PM. Then 4 to 5 PM interaction by us with him along with faculty members and students.
Dr.Martin, Faculty & students and Chennai TISA members

It was really a good experience to interact with faculty members. The medical part of the lecture by Dr.Martin was somewhat difficult to understand. The general part lectured by him were already known to us.

But the amazing thing I have noticed from Dr.Martin was his energy and enthusiasm shown by him throughout the 3 hours. It was really unparallel. That is the big difference between us and the western people. The western people use to focus 100% in their work. If our pws focuses atleast 25% of what Dr.Martin has done, there is no reason why we cannot control stammering upto 98-99%. I can persue  only 3 pws to attend the above lecture. Instead of showing interest, other pws told some  lame excuses of not attending it.  But Dr.Martin came to India along with his wife for sight seeing purpose only. But he never in a hurry to leave even after 5PM.Let me leave this topic as enough was already discussed and I was experiencing the same thing for the last 5 years from  Chennai pws.

But one good thing happened was the professor of Dept of Speech language and hearing science of Sri Ramachandra University is nice gentleman and invited us again in some other day  to see their facilities. He is also interested in long term association with TISA.

In fact I am also thinking of giving a lecture to the faculty members and students on emotional problems being faced by pws. Because unlike in the western countries, almost all the SLPs in India are non-stammerers and they were unable to understand our emotional problems.

Overall this is a very different type of experience.


sachin said...

Dear Mani- don't be discouraged. There was a time when I too was just not interested in anything. Reason - stammering kills our initiative, optimism, faith in ourselves and ability to see BEYOND "me and my stammering".. it is like tying hand and feet of a man, and throwing him in a dark, deep and dry well.. That is the nature of stammering- its psychological impact in long term.
I am very happy to learn about the Head of Speech and language, from the Medical college. Please go ahead, address the faculty, tell them about TISA and explore possibilities of meaningful collaboration..

Kushal Batabyal said...

Mani sir, go ahead ! :)

We will follow.... gradually!! :)