December 9, 2013

The Fear Factor

The only difference in a Stammerer’s speech when alone and when in public is the Fear Factor ---------- which ultimately makes a big difference.

We are relaxed and at ease when alone and thus more fluent. The same speech becomes disfluent when speaking in front of a group. This fear is deeply ingrained in our mind, in the deep recesses of the sub conscious.

For a PWS even the very thought of speaking in front of a group gets your heart beating faster….  Indicates the power, which this FEAR has on us. Our brain has been conditioned this way due to years of negative experiences and thoughts in our day-to-day lives.

For our subconscious , Public Speaking = Fear= Heart Thumping= Sweaty Palms = Dry throat= haphazard breathing =more disfluency.

What if the Brain is conditioned to think of Public Speaking= Thorough Enjoyment= Just loving it= Passion = Relaxed State of Mind.

Is it possible? I have heard a lot about visualization and observation of your thoughts in Vipassana. More so about the benefits of Vipassana as a way of life, which goes beyond your stammer.

I have been just meditating for 15 mins before sleeping and just after waking up without moving out of the bed, trying to visualise Public speaking situations as pleasurable ones (its an effort though), trying to observe my feelings as I visit every speaking situation. 

The result… Although I have not been able to make much headway, I am already feeling the difference, however miniscule it might be in real life speaking situations. I know that this is definitely one of the tools on our Stammering Pathway in accepting and excelling in our uniqueness.

Would love to go more detail into this.

- Rajesh (Goa)

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sachin said...

Yes, Rajesh! You are right. Just do one thing more. Take Visualization practice out into day to day life gradually (but not too gradually either!).. In office, in bus- close eyes for a second and bring back that visualization powerfully and with deep feelings- then, open your eyes and say and do whatever has to be done..
Best wishes, Keep sharing..