December 5, 2013


Hello Friends,

I am back to TISA in this very crucial time of my life. 

I have a major interview lined up in a month's time, Bank PO specifically, and I want to crack it this time at any cost.
The fear that I am and will confront till the day I face the interview panel is best known to all of you. I cannot explain it to anyone else or be better understood.
Therefore in this time of great delima, I seek your help.
I do not have a very severe stammer but yes under stress and anxiety I do face a very bad stammer.
Many of you have gone through such situations and have excelled in your endeavour, and today I stand here to SEEK INSPIRATION.
Please share your interview experiences here with me and the whole of TISA, for your story might save my day.


Satyendra said...

Priya send us an email - giving us the possible list of questions-especially technical questions.. we will help you practice on phone or through Skype.. don't worry, you will-crack it..
Info at stammer dot in

ABHISHEK said...

You can use all your spare time in practicing interview questions.Try not to be idle. It generally happens that we while away our time worrying what would happen in interview. You can practice mock interviews with family, friends and TISA family in person, over phone or on skype by giving them list of questions.
Have faith. All the best :)

jasbir singh said...

Priya, have faith in yourself. Nothing is impossible. I might have appeared in 100 interviews and am still appearing. I have a record of cracking all of them. The mantra for success is take it as a challenge. You may call me. I would share how I managed.
All the Best.

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Skype and Google Hangouts will help where members can mock up an interview panel.
All the Best !

Vinay said...

in this interview your selection or rejection will depend on your skills and knowledge. Focus there. Stammering not important here !
You can even get selected, if you answer all the question to the panel's satisfaction with double of your stammer.

Anonymous said...

dear priya,

A)carry a marker with you..and use them on the available board..or paper and use schematics like flowcharts..derivations..graphs..etc..along with speaking..turn yr interview into a presentation...that wd keep your interviewers interested and force them to focus more on your knowledge and works for me..

Joy Deep Majumder

Priya said...

hello everyone..i am extremely sorry for being so late in reponding to these wonderful replies..
@sachin sir... i have mailed you the expected questions
@abhishek and rajesh ....the mock spree is on...thank you :)
@jasbir sir and sachin sir...where can i find your contact numbers? are right..i will keep myself focused..thank you :)