December 31, 2013

Let's use whats app in the year 2014!!!

Dear all,
The technology is developing at very faster rate and we have to use it to the maximum extent possible. I am proposed to start a group by name 'TISA' in the whats app. Those who are using whats app can join in the group. I will send daily alert and remainder for our stammering cause.

Hence those who are interested can SMS their mobile no to my mobile  098842 89989. A word of advise here. This group is chatting only for stammering related issues.


Anupinder Singh said...

Manimaran Sir, its very good initiative and we can make close relation with PWS throughout world using whatsapp

sachin said...

Great idea. Especially for young pws who need frequent booster to their motivation.. also to keep in touch with the community which is becoming bigger and bigger specially after Cognizant interview! the way to go..