November 20, 2013

Sharing an inspiring email..

Thanks a lot ... 

But i can tell you i am not the only one who is trying to break away from the chains of stammering, there are several PWS who are doing something different in their lives which in someway or the other is helping them deviate their minds off stammering and focusing on the activities they have liked to do. Someone in our SHG meet, did say it quite correctly that "stammering should just be a part of life and not the heart of life". So if we all start focusing on those things that we love to do, i am sure stammering will take a back stage and will never bother us. 

I do have improved my stammering in the last 5-10 years. This is what we actually try to practise in SHG meets also. Talking loud, to your self, slowly, clearly and with required pauses has certainly helped me. But in some cases, i still stammer and i dont know when will i overcome it but it really doesnt bother much.  

When i went for audition i was quite aware that stammering can easily become an impediment but i was sure that "stammering" alone cannot make me move away from acting. Thanks to some of our rehearsals and my belief was very much re-affirmed when we learnt a very important lesson in acting.

"Acting is only 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal".

Even when i stammer today in rehearsals, my director, co-actors etc.. dont get concerned, because i ensure my non-verbal activities like facial expression, body language are not compromised. That is something that i do best and no one can take it away from me. (wow from all of us in TISA!)

Also one experience i would like to share is that while focusing on non-verbal, the verbal automatically gets itself quite smooth because your focus is on something else... i have felt it..on those alphabets where i generally get stuck... i dont when my focus is on something else..

Lots to talk and i do certainly share in SHG meets often and also get to learn from other great people in that meet.

Hard work always pays, so lets put in hard work in whatever we do in our lives. I am sure stammering will just be in the backstage and will gradually fade away...

(Sincerest Congrats to the SHG, coordinator, members, everyone- from rest of TISA : Ed) 


sachin said...

I anonymized the email so that we will focus on lessons to be learned instead of the context..

jasbir singh said...

Wonderful words: "Stammering should just be a part of life and not the heart of life".
The problem is not that stammering is restricting our life. It is our acceptance that is restricting our life. This is the problem.
May all beings be Happy.

Hemant Kumar 靈氣 said...

REHEARSAL is only tool to RE-PROGRAM our sub-conscious , unconscious mind. No pills , injection can do this. So if stammering is happens unconsciously, better to reprogram by rehearsals

Rajesh V said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.