November 18, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting Report

Members :: Jagbir, Lavi, Vishnu and me(Vishal)

Aim of this Meeting :: Work on articulation and Eye Contact.

                      So the meeting again started at 11:30 am on the same place Central Park, Rajiv Chowk, we were four members there, and with the beautiful sun & shine, we started our activity one by one but meanwhile Lovi was new member in TISA so first we listened his introduction and his life with the stammering so after that we started  our first activity with 2 min meditation with mind set "mai master sarv-saktimaan hu" and "mai speak organ se bolta hu" 

                  After this we did our second activity which was on articulation we done 3-4 things with this activity and after that we discussed on the topic "how we can change our thought positive towards stuttering" so everyone shared his own thought and views and it was really awesome to collect the different different views and experiences after that we did reading round but this time reading round was different because we introduced multi-tasking thing like if one read then he/she will read with making eye-contact and rest of all will listen him even will understand what he is reading. so this whole reading round was multi-tasking round. and really we got lot of new things we felt little situations. and finally after this round we all shared our own thought about our success or experiences or many things. 

Some words by our members about how can we achieve a Good attitude or thoughts toward stammering.

Jagbir :: we must accept ourself, acceptance is not that you will say to all that I m a stammerer but accept with internally that  yes you stammer so what, and there should be no shame and Don't hide stammering and try to do things which is very tough like call to customer care and talk join hangout and several other speaking chance.

Vishnu :: we must live our life with full of freedom he said that all understand us very well he shared his recent experience and the only thing is that you must speak whatever you want.

Vishal:: the only solution is "ACCEPTANCE" it works with lot of thing, acceptance is not only make you fear-less but also it improves following things 

1. Connection with people
2. Power
3. Behaviour
4. Make you Social
5. Attitude
6. Even with your speech  :)

Lavi :: He shared about his recent experience and it was nice hear his experience and what he will do now.

Moral of this meeting is we must note down our mistakes where we stammer what was the reason that I stammer and try to practice with all your mistakes and lacks. :) :)


sachin said...

Great meeting! Congratulations everyone!
Keep meeting and helping each other..

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

very good. well done...

Amit Dixshit said...

well written report vishal...Great going..keep it up.