October 23, 2013

Stammer freely* celebrated ISA Day(international Stuttering awareness day) Live on Hangout on 22nd Oct

We were 10 member there and we discussed following question with our own experiences

What is Stammering ?
what is acceptance ?
what do you think when people bully you and laugh at you ?
what message do you want to give to non stammerers and stammerers ?


sachin said...

Wonderful, Vishal!
Small steps- leading to a great journey..

sachin said...

Also, thanks for bringing up "Transfluency"...
It is so important to take the debate out of the old mindset where you are either Fluent or Disfluent!
Very well conducted discussion!

vishal gupta said...

thank you sir :) Even i also think that why we use to say that I m disfluent and for changing the thoughts I used your view definition i.e transfluency :) :)