October 2, 2013

Proposal for Communication workshop at chandigarh

TISA Chandigarh chapter is aspiring to conduct a 2 or 3 days communication workshop at chandigarh.

The concrete idea behind the proposal is that most of the members of chandigarh  chapter are not attending the national conference, hence why don't we organize a workshop then.Also, the last workshop that happened in chandigarh was way back in mid 2011.

The final confirmation about this even will be done after national conference.

Although, tentative proposed dates are

Option 1-  11,12,13 october

Option 2- 18,19,20 october.

Requesting all interested members to comment with their mobile numbers and preference, wither option 1 or option 2

1 comment:

sachin said...

I think "TISA friends" from Himachal can also take advantage of this..