October 16, 2013

Online Self-Help Groups

Difficult to Join SHG? 
Then, join one of the Online Self-Help Groups below:
(with Karthik or Akash) or Google Hangout(with Vishal). For Hindi sessions contact Abhishek (below).

In these online sessions, we do not work on stammering; Rather we work on improving communication skills, which in turn helps people to improve their overall outlook on life! You talk, we listen! With patience, respect and acceptance.. 
Just two ground rules: Respect others and stammer freely!
Feel free to leave your feedback- good or bad.. so that organizers improve and feel encouraged!
Skype with Karthik
daily from 10pm to 11pm
Skype ID: aishkarthik 
If you are new, ping Karthik @ 9:30 pm 

SKYPE with Akash
skype id : akash_super1
email id : akashdxt25@gmail.com
Mobile no. 8095987170
Name: Akash ;-)
Note: Please don't be hesitate to call Akash, message or email anytime before 11:00pm.
Google Hangout (Video) - Stammer Freely

10 pm to 11:30 pm
Six days a week (Saturday is off)

Stammer Freely, an online conversation between PWS globally, has been running since October 2012. Stammer Freely Hangouts are held six days a week (Saturday is officially off) with three hosts between 10 pm to 11:30 pm India Time daily. As of October 15, 2013 we had over 150 PWS both Indians and non-Indians. 

Stammer Freely hosts: 
Vishal Gupta (New Delhi, India) on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Nenad Rendic (Split, Croatia) on Thursday & Friday 
Anshul Neema (Gurgaon, India) on Wednesday

What do I need to join?
Gmail Account, Webcam, Microphone, Fast Internet Connection, a Quiet environment 

Consider joining Abhishek for a Hindi online session :

Also, Amit Dikshit is offering a phone session in Hindi, especially for BSNL users; check out:

What activities can I expect in an Online SHG? 
Activities will vary per session based on participant feedback - we try to keep things fresh!
  1. Introductions
  2. Round Robin Game
  3. Story Telling
  4. Role Play Game
  5. Story Making
  6. Group discussion
  7. Question & Answers
  8. Tongue Twister Reading
  9. Experience sharing
  10. Small Quiz Game
  11. Mock interviews
  12. Debates
  13. Prepared speeches
  14. One sentence story building
  15. Slow reading 
Finally, if you have learned ANYTHING from these online interactions, you must go to the next level: call customer care numbers and try some voluntary stammering!


Satyendra said...

Great job - guys. But once in a while, we all must get out into the real world and see if our fears have lessened or not.. That is the final step, in a long process..

kanpur vikings said...

How to join an online self help group on hangouts.Inspite of registering ...there are no chats goin on

vishal gupta said...

Hello Kanpur Viking :) Did you register yourself at www.stammerfreely.blogspot.com if not then register so that i will give you the link everyday before starting the hangout and you just need gmail account with good net connection. so that you only to click on that link. if any problem mail us at ssstammerfreely@gmail.com

Unknown said...

how to join this...anyone plzz help me regrdin dis...thnk u!!!!

Unknown said...

hiii iam chaitanya iam having stammering and iam living in hyderabad.if any events are going are going on in hyderabad please let me know through mail.....my email is chaitanya1844@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Friends, I request to Main Editor of the site, please put all the knowledge helps link in hindi. Actually every friends does not understand through out english.

Unknown said...

I Request to All Members, who will goes in GOA N.C., Please do record all the useful activities and useful seminars-Speech for the members who will not goes in GOA N.C. with any reason and will share all the useful matters & talks with all the members.