October 4, 2013

National Conference,Delhi- 4 - 6 Oct'2013 - Day 1

We kicked off at our scheduled time of 9 Am.

The number of participants were about 40 at the start, hence, the Anchor, Mr.J.P.Sunda get to play a few energizers to make everyone relaxed and familiar to everybody else. By the end of these energizers, good amount of participants were gathered in the hall

At about 9.30, Finally the event get started formally with keynote speech by Mr.Manimaran, the new TISA coordinator from 4th Oct'2013 onwards, followed by keynote speeches by 2 of the Srilankan participants Ms.Nilukshi and Ms.Thushanie.

Ms.Thusanie is a speech language pathologist in Srilanka.

After few more playful activities throwing light on various aspect of stammering mindset, it was a nice talk by Dr. N.K.tejpal on his experiences with Vipassana meditation technique.

Then, an activitiy to demonstarte over consciousness of stammerers was beautifully played by BLINDFOLDED Akrshita sahay.

Then, Mr.Karthik and Mr.Vishal give a combined talk on online virtual SHG meets they are conducting via skype and google hangout respectively.

After lunch, Mr.Tarak goradia and Dhruv gupta shared their experiences on toastmasters.

Then all the participants were divided into 4 groups for OPEN MIKE SESSION.

Followed by a energizer by Mr.JP where we learnt how good we stammerers are in communicating even without oral communication, we had a Laughing session with Mr.Karthik before wrapping up the Day-1 session.  


sachin said...

Thank you Ashish!
This is a great help and sewa..
Hope you have enjoyed conducting the energiser..

shobhit said...

why you didn't come sirjeee......?
we miss you.

Anupinder Singh said...

very inspirational conference :) thanks tisa for giving me this opportunity.