October 26, 2013

My first day @ office after a long leave...

Good afternoon Everyone!!

After spending some wonderful one month time on travelling, meeting peoples, coordinating a communication workshop and spending some time at herbertpur, I returned back to my workplace on 26th October.

Even when i was boarding the bus from herbertpur to chandigarh, there was a fear in myself.It was mainly stammering fear, but i don't know exactly the nature of this fear.

This fear gradually increased and became very prominent when i reached my workplace.

And, it was maximum when i entered my office.

My boss and colleagues welcomed me smilingly and my colleagues immediately handed over the work to me as he was getting late.

At that time, my fear got multiplied and to get the words out of my mouth was fairly difficult.

I was completely frightened and it was not at all expected after spending such a wonderful time on my overall personality and communication.

Being a shift officer in a manufacturing factory,workers were all around me and i was struggling to get the words out.

I was not using any of speech technique as i found it difficult at that time.

I continued the work anyhow.As all the workers were familiar to me and to my speech problem, they were quite cooperating with me.

Still, it was quite difficult for me.Then, as i learnt during my stay at Herbertpur with Dr.Sachin, I went outside my office and practiced some pranayam for few minutes seeking some relief from this tensed state of mind.

Gradually by the end of the day, the situation got improved somehow.

By the time, i finished my 2nd day at the office, things were a bit more relaxed now.After finishing my 2nd day at office, i practiced some voluntary stammering in the market and felt good.

Now i am writing this post before sleeping and i have night shift today also.

Lets see how it goes further.


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good post. pls use Read more (jump in)option.

lalit said...

nice ashish , now u adjusted with ur working environment ,
we all need to do some daily practice like prayanam , running to maintain our body energy

Anonymous said...

Yehi to asli challenge hai-jispe vijay pani hai...

Amit Dixshit said...

Nice post Ashish ji..

Anonymous said...

Hello Mihir here, I also have stammering problem and find it very difficult to talk with people and lose confidence. N day by day its increasing.. Is there any cure for that.. Kindly suggest..

sachin said...

Read "the manual" above and practice it.