October 20, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting - Naya Savera.......

I have attended the SHG meeting on Sunday the 20th Oct 2013 at Central Park, Connaught Place.   This was my first ever meeting ever since I first came to know about it in National Conference at Indian Social Institute in Delhi.
Today a total of nine PWS attended the meeting.  The meeting started with a silence for two minutes.  Then a formal introduction was given about every PWS stating his name,occupation and address.

Then Mr Vishal suggested that a 30 second session should be started in which every body will speak something in 30 seconds and then the next PWS will start from the last word spoken by the previous PWS  (Round Robin Game).
Next another session was initiated in which every body asked a question from one PWS and then he replied to their questions.  Then like this every body did the same .
Then Mr Sikander shared his experience about  Brahmakumari's.   He gave very useful suggestions like control of breath,abdominal,tongue and jaws.The relation between brain and thought process,and how the final product speech is generated by the combination of all these organs.I think this was very useful information for all of us.

Then Mr Jitender asked every body's suggestions so that the SHG can be improved.  Various suggestions were given which are as here under:

1) A time keeper should be there in every meeting so that every body should get equal time to speak (Time keeper).
2) One person should monitor the entire meeting and tell the particular person about his mistakes after he has finished his speech  (Evaluator).
3) Some topics will be given in advance so that every body can prepare and should speak on sunday (Prepared Speech).
4) Nobody will interrupt a person while he is speaking.
5) One sunday the SHG meeting will be conducted in a hall with amplifier facility so that every body will get a chance to deliver his/her speech,this will eliminate the fear of speaking on stage.
6) A nominal monthly subscription will be charged from every body to cater the expenses in organizing various tasks.A monthly subscription of Rs 200/ was decided (As contribution for expenses).
7) A story telling session of maximum 5 minutes time in which one can narrate any story.

I really enjoyed the sunday and hope that every body must have enjoyed as well.


Lalit Chawla

lchawla279@    gmail.com


vishal gupta said...
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vishal gupta said...
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vishal gupta said...
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vishal gupta said...

wow lalit sir :) Ati-sundar :) aur mai bus report likhne hi ja rha tha ki achanak se ek bahut sundar sa post dikha aur wo tha Delhi shg meeting report.:)
Om shanti

Jagbir said...

i missed on this meeting, was in chandigarh for the communication workshop ashish and anupinder planned.

Will see you guys in the next meeting for sure.

lalit said...

very descriptive post....

Manimaran said...

Really very good agenda to be followed by all SHGs. Keep it up Delhi SHG.

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good practice.