September 26, 2013

To increase the appetite for long speech blocks

These days i am trying to challenge my stammering by trying to speak difficult words in some difficult situations.

Although I am not able to do it everytime, still trying to do enough.

Like talking those difficcult words before borading a bus to the conductor or the aurowala.

Asking again and again about those difficult to speak meal names to waiters.

Today itself, as i was feeling blocks on MASALA DOSA word from last few days, so, i just asked the waiter from almost 20 feet distance in a fairly crowded restaurant about the price of masala dosa and it was very very blocking experience....was blocking on almost every word......that guy finally got to come close to me and listen to me carefully and then he replied me.

I felt bad...........but after some was OK

I think there may be other ways of conquering stammer, but it is also a way to do it.

I think if i can increase my appetite of grasping those experiences of long blocks....then things can be less painful

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