September 28, 2013

TISA Tree is Growing

Rishi  Kant Mehta, a PWS apptoached me through TISA. I requested him to visit me in Omni Hospital where I am getting treatment. He visited me today morning along with his two friends. Rishi is 21 from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand and is doing B.Tech from GGS , Kharar near Chandigarh. He is stuttering since childhood but so far not made any effort to manage the same. I requested him to read the book Wings of Fire by Sh. APJ Abdul Kalam. To achieve anything we have to first dream and then keep the fire burning to reach the goal. That urge is very important. I explained him the concept of acceptance. How it is important in our journey of stammering management. The concept of voluntary stammering, morning breathing and loud reading excercises discussed. I presented him a copy of Apna Hath Jagganath and requested him to go through it religiously like Gita.  I also requested him to attend TISA NC at Delhi, which he assured to try.

Hope he is benefitted with the meeting.


Manimaran said...

Dear Jasbir,
I hope your health alignment is a minor one. Pl take care.

Manimaran said...
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jasbir singh said...

Thanks for the concern Mr. Manimaran, Ashish and Dr. Sachin. As per diagnosis I have developed Gout in left foot, which is caused by excessive accumulation of protein in body.I have pain and swelling. Doctor has advised rest. I am recovering and hopefully would see yoy all in NC.