September 12, 2013

Jhalak Dikhla Ja 6 Finale Promo

Hello everyone....

I know the title of this post seems a bit out of the league here in this blog..
but you have to watch it to understand why I posted it here.
Here goes the link......

This, my friends, is the man who achieved what he strived for.
He transformed himself for a "stammerer" to a person who is "fluent".
And what caused this real transformation was not a magic wand, but pure dedication and the zeal to deal with this anomaly.

Now what follows in this post, is for a student, who hates to Accept stammering, in particular.

People, especially those studying in schools and colleges, I know the kind of frustration and humiliation that you people face because of the fact that you stammer. I can totally relate to your eagerness to find that perfect institute, person, doctor, hakeem or whatever that can make you "Perfect", like you have always seen people around. I know the kind of disgust that you feel when someone explains your stammering as a thing which needs to be accepted and managed. I know you feel like you are the only one who is facing this omnious malady, which has nothing but an ill fate to present to you.

Friends, but a few facts differ form the reality that you live in.
The only cure to stammering is "ACCEPTANCE", I know I am kind of irriating you, but you have to believe me.
Accpet the fact that stammering cannot be swept-off altogether, you have to learn the great art of "LEARNING TO LIVE ALONG" that fact that you stammer.
Here, again have a good look at this promo

He became flawlessly fuent.....or so it seems.
Yes, so it seems...
If you observe, with a bit more attention than usual, you will be able to see how cleverly Hritik Sir managed at places where he could have otherwise stammered.
For instance,
When he said "Shaan" the S was a bit stretched.
When he said "Colors" in the end, even that was a bit stretched.
Therefore, he "seems fluent" whereas the fact that he has been managing his speech over the years remain.
Had he denied acceptance and continued blaming his fortune or a genetic cause or bad parenting or any other reason for that matter, the world would have missed an inspiration. We would have missed an inspiration. I would have missed an inspiration.
Yes, you are a sudent, and it is very difficult for you to make that immature lot around you, understand the gravity of the situation that you face each day, but was he.
Yes, you have parents who expect you to be good at interviews that you face for a job, but hey...even he had parents who at a particular point of time where as demanding as yours.
You don't believe me? Watch this

Yes, he still does and will continue to stammer...but since he has accepted this, life is a lot better for him.
You are just a few steps distant to what he is today.....take the leap and rise.
Learn methods to deal with it, and not the magical techniques that can help you avoid it.
The key is MANAGEMENT.
Who knows, another stammerer might be refering to your inspirational story some day in future....!!


Manimaran said...

Very good post Priya. Yes.. you are right. There are lot of inspirational storied will roll out one by one from TISA in future.

sachin said...

This post is very much in league here. We need to hear such stories billions of times, again and again- till a time comes, that we instinctively believe in it, in ourselves, in other pws..
Yes, Hritik is an inspiration to me as well..

Priya said...

Mani sir and Sachin sir...
Both of you are already two different inspirational stories for us...thank you being here..!!

lalit said...

thanks for this post..hritik is always an source of inspiration for hard work, every time i watch this episode of tere mere beech mein ,it give me motivation to extend my boundaries.

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

yes priya , hritik is a institute in himself for speech therapy seekers. His dedication , determination & positive attitude toward life is a great source of inspiration not only for PWS, but others also....
What he is doing for stammering also very simple and very effective.
As PWS always try to search more latest , more effective therapy for quick cure. and creating more complexity.
If you listen carefully his interview without any prejudice , you will get what simple thing, he is doing, when he is doing?

Joy deep Majumder said...

"Covert stuttering: word omittance, substitution and circumlocution as a strategy used by the speaker to hide an overt stutter."

Covert stuttering is one of the major technique Hritik and likes of me use,please note that the word "covert" means - Not openly acknowledged or displayed.

As far as i have come to understand TISA does not advocate covert stuttering.-though as per me covert stuttering is not offensive/defensive/escaping from realism/putting on a mask...its just a tool to get by a trivial issue of stutter and focus on the larger dramas of life..

Hritik has reached a stature that he can manipulate and command discussions and talks on his own pace and terms..he has perfected his other aspects of life so much so that his speech imperfection gets lost in his larger than life image..

I have been perpetually surprised ,as to why covert stuttering is seen as an escapist mode at TISA.